“Correct Your Underwear Wearing Habits Now!”

"Correct Your Underwear Wearing Habits Now!"

Correct Your Underwear Wearing! Today, we’ve got a super fun and interesting trick to share with you – something that can make your outfits look even cooler! Ever heard of Estelle Berglin, the awesome TikToker? Well, she’s got a trick to stop those peekaboo moments with your underwear. Let’s dive into the world of fashion magic!

Correct Your Underwear Wearing: The Fashion Hack Introduction:

Estelle Berglin said Correct Your Underwear Wearing, also known as @sweastyle on TikTok, is here to teach us a fantastic fashion hack. She promises it’s a trick you’ve got to try, and we’re super excited to find out what it is!

"Correct Your Underwear Wearing Habits Now!"

The Wrong Way to Wear Underwear:

Estelle starts by showing us the common mistake many people make – wearing white underwear under white clothing. Uh-oh! She explains that this might lead to those embarrassing moments when your undies peek through.

Correct Your Underwear Wearing The Unusual Solution: Red Bottoms!

Now, here comes the exciting part! Estelle suggests ditching the white undies and going for something bold – red bottoms! Yes, it might sound a bit strange, but she promises to show us how it works like magic.

Correct Your Underwear Wearing : Estelle’s Fashion Show:

To demonstrate, Estelle models a white sports set and wears a white thong under her biker shorts. Uh-oh, we can see it peeking through! But wait, here comes the magic – she swaps the white undies for a pair of red ones.

Correct Your Underwear Wearing :  Red to the Rescue!

As Estelle steps back, we can’t believe our eyes! The red underwear under her white biker shorts is invisible! It’s like she performed a fashion magic trick to keep her undies a secret.

The Explanation: Why Red Works:

Estelle explains why this trick works. Instead of matching the underwear color to your outfit, go for a bold color like red. It blends in and becomes a fashion superhero, saving you from any peekaboo surprises!

Trying It Out Yourself:

Now that you’ve learned Estelle’s magical trick, you can try it out with your outfits too! Pick a bold color for your undies, and who knows, maybe you’ll become a fashion magician just like her.


Ta-da! That’s the end of our fashion magic show. Thanks to Estelle Berglin, we’ve discovered a cool trick to keep our underwear a secret. So, next time you’re getting dressed, remember to pick bold colors and avoid those peekaboo moments. Stay stylish and have fun with your fashion adventures!